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Burnout. What is it And How Can You Avoid it? (Or accept it)

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It’s inevitable. We all get it, none of us want it – but it comes, no matter what. Or does it? Now, as someone who’s gone through burnout a multitude of times, and has come out the other side slightly less confused and slightly stronger – I can attest to the idea that it doesn’t even need to happen in the first place.


But what do I mean here? What the Hell am I even talking about? Well. It’s simple. Here it is:


Just do what you want.


Simple right? Ha, but no really. Did you get “burnt out” when you were a kid? Running around, playing outside and shit. Riding your bike through the mud, playing some video games – hanging out with your brother and your cousins.


You get tired, yeah. But that’s different. That’s not burnout. Burnout is a feeling of hopelessness. And it’s on the rise in hustle culture today. In fact, according to recent findings, 89% of Americans have suffered from burnout in this past year.


Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Buddy, what are you saying?? You want me to just be a kid again? Stop. Just stop.”


Well, kind of. I want you to feel like you did when you were a kid. You see, the older we get, the more pressure we put on ourselves to get out ahead of the pack – to outpace our previous selves and our so called “competitors”.


Now, because of this – we find ourselves doing a lot of things that we don’t want to do – and I’m hypothesizing here that there’s an eerie correlation between burnout and doing things that we don’t want to do.


Hear me out – over the past 3 years I’ve experienced massive growth. I start the business, get some clients, get a small office and more clients, then build a 40k studio, get even more clients, more growth, more, more, MORE! 


And you see, every 4 or 5 months I would burn out – I’d just hit a wall. Throughout the whole process I was constantly taking on projects that I had zero interest in. And why? Because I have overhead you know! I have expenses, and bills, and all that. I need profits!


But at what cost? I now ask myself. Was the juice worth the squeeze? What if I could have both. What if I could make these profits that I need – but do it in a calm and collected way, doing the things that I want to do – thus, as I expect, preventing burnout.


This is why I’ve done a deep dive on my very being. Since my accident 8 months back, I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect. The conclusions I’ve come to are both exciting and terrifying.


So, what are they?


I push through pain easily, but eventually pay for it in the form of burnout. I’m able to ignore how much I loathe something, and yes – eventually pay for it in burnout. So, naturally the direction I need to take is in doing more of what excites me.


I’m talking shooting YouTube videos with my brother, I’m talking writing and making philosophical and educational videos. I’m talking distilling down the knowledge that I love and sharing it with people, and I’m talking filmmaking and photography for the sake of the art itself.


Will these things make me money? Potentially – but it’s not guaranteed. At least not as guaranteed as making a video for an eye doctor.


But hey, if I can continue to do the work that I kind of want to do, make some money at it and slowly introduce more and more of what I really want to do, then I’m all in.


So what can you take from this? Do the same for yourself. Be really honest with who you really are, and check in often. Is this project actually an opportunity? Or am I just filling the time?


Also – let’s all take it easy on ourselves, yeah? If burnout does rear its’ ugly head now, I accept it, and I rest. I rest in the way that I need to – and I don’t judge myself for it. I suggest you do the same – all the while moving closer and closer to your ideal life.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft   


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